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Here are some suggestions for contacting your MP. The easiest way is via http://www.faxyourmp.com/


Here's what I wrote to my MP Glenda Jackson on February 27, 2004:

Dear Ms Glenda Jackson CBE,

Your efficiency with respect to Katherine Gun was remarkable again. Thank you for your letter!

I'm now writing wondering whether you'd have a look at EDM 323 which mentions the fact that virtually none of the Nation's money is created by the State any more, but instead by banks as interest-bearing credit.

I appreciate that the mechanisms of creating and controlling the money supply are not generally taught and understood. And I know that economic arguments are used to obfuscate financial realities.

However, as a mathematician, I would also like to suggest that there must be rational reasons for:
-- students expected to start life in debt
-- pensioners being robbed of their pensions and not receiving 'value for savings'
-- first time buyers not being able to afford to buy
-- public service programmes continually being curtailed
-- banks making exorbitant profits.

When I came to London in 1981, I came with the vision of a 'peace network'. I did not want my country of origin, Germany, to become the battlefield between the US and the USSR. Now I know that money and the mechanisms of its creation rule the world and that includes financing wars.

Given your clarity about the Iraq war, would you consider looking at the EDM through 'monetary glasses'?

Yours with continued admiration,
Sabine McNeill

And here's what I suggested for EDM 854 which applies to EDM 323 as well:

Suggestion 1:

For quite some time I have been aware of flaws in the way that banks operate
our money.

Hence I am very pleased that 14 MPs have signed EDM 854 entitled "Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform" to signal that there is a way for the Government to counter the banks' powers.

Would you please also look into the issue and sign the Early Day Motion?

If not, would you please give me your reasons why not?

Thank you for representing my views in Parliament!

Yours faithfully,


Suggestion 2:

I would like to bring EDM EDM 854 entitled "Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform" to your attention
in the hope that you will sign it.


The text illustrates not only fundamental flaws in the creation of money but
also an unsustainable development of public and private debt.
Hence I look forward to seeing your signature on the list.


Suggestion 3:

This is to bring to your attention EDM 854 as a way of creating money for
public purposes. Most politicians don't have the time to think about how
money is issued and how it is administered.  But a lot of constituency
members are suffering financially. In general, there is never enough money
for anything while 'simply printing money' is supposed to create inflation.

EDM 854 suggests that there is a 'third way' and I would be most grateful
if you took the time to sign it on my behalf.

I consider it rather significant that this EDM has a historic precedence in
a motion put forward by Captain Henry Kerby MP in 1964. Wouldn't it be
wonderful if we could use modern technology to remedy an old monetary flaw?

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